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A straightforward worksheet on the formation of hurricanes aimed at gcse. Hurricanes and climate national wildlife federation. Category 1 and 2 hurricanes are the weakest hurricanes, category 4 and 5 hurricanes are the strongest, and category 3 storms are in the middle. This is one activity from the hurricane formation station lab. The storm moves its way north where the air is cooler.

Definitions and descriptions hurricanes are called tropical cyclones by meteorologists, and actually they are only called hurricanes in certain parts of the world. Hurricane katrina webquest with key this 4 page document contains a webquest and teachers key related to the basics of hurricane katrina. All about hurricanes resource packet mamas learning corner. Some things youll be assessed on include an accurate description of a hurricane and the. Printable hurricane and tornadoes teaching worksheets. Hurricanes occur where a deep layer of warm waters exists and during the times of highest ssts. Once it has reached hurricane status, the storm is identified with a category from 15 as shown in the table below.

This occurs in the oceans near the equator because the water is really warm there. Before, during and after a flood worksheet before, during and after a flood answer sheet module four. Hurricane formation hurricane movement hurricane tracking on a map categories of. The first step is the formation of a tropical disturbance. What could a 3 metre water level mean to your classroom worksheet module five. Note that the test uses the hurricane math worksheet, the hurricane tracking map and the cone of uncertainty optional in addition to the last worksheet.

Natural phenomena hurricanes, tornadoes, and other weather. A primer on formation, structure, intensity change and frequency dr. This website, presented by nasas global precipitation measurement gpm mission, provides students and educators with resources to learn about earths water cycle, weather and climate, and the technology. The first type is the thunderstorm, which is the most common kind of storm. Hurricane seasons hurricanes obtain their energy from latent heat release in the cloud formation process. How a tornado is formed although no two tornadoes are the same, they need certain conditions to form particularly intense or unseasonable heat. Then, study the diagram below carefully looking at the spatial distribution of tropical storms around the world. Light winds above the storm are also a necessary condition for the formation of. Make a flow chart to show the critical stages of the formation of a hurricane using the information from the animation and what you have read.

Use this worksheet and adapt it to your own circumstances. Pupils make a hurricane that pops up when they open their exercise books. This year, the united states has been hit by more damaging hurricanes than in. Differences between hurricanes and midlatitude storms. Then be sure to distibute copies to your alternates as well as your marina ownermanager. They will learn about technologies that have been developed to mitigate their devastating effects. This challenge was created to help my third graders better understand hurricanes and the impact that they have around the world. A hurricane is a large rotating storm with high speed winds that forms over warm waters in tropical areas.

What happens to hurricanes when they move over land and why. Covers formation and basic structure of tropical storms. In the northwest pacific, they are called typhoons, and in the indian ocean they are called cyclones. The formation of a hurricane is actually a multistep process. Using the resources below, students can track tropical storms and hurricanes, as well as learn about how hurricanes form, the parts of a hurricane, the difference between a tropical storm and a hurricane, and the intensities of. The wave was accompanied by an area of low pressure that became well defined to the southsoutheast of the cape verde islands the next day. Download a page printable hurricanes worksheet packet for your unit study. The eye of a hurricane can be up to 240 miles in diameter but is normally between 20 and 40 miles in diameter. At the end of this hurricane formation lesson plan, students will be able to identify the role of the oceans in the formation of weather systems such as hurricanes, also identify how hurricanes are formed, measured, and tracked. Natural phenomena hurricanes, tornadoes, and other weather teachers guide grade level. Teach students about hurricanes in a handson way with stem.

Four class periods program description hurricanes, tornadoes, and other weather the dynamics of heat, air pressure, and water create much of the weather we experience around the globe, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and. Each of these thunderstorms can become strong enough to cause severe damage, property loss, or worse. Tornado activities read about these tropical cyclones, how they form, how they are named, hurricane anatomy, the eye, eyewall, spiral rainbands, tracking storms, preparing for a storm, landfall, storm surges, and the end of the storm. The project worksheet forms belonging to this collection may be used for the public assistance grant program and the fire management assistance grant program.

Hurricane learning module atmospheric sciences at illinois. Robert hart florida state university the 2005 hurricane season devastated the lives of thousands of people on the gulf coast. The temperature of the ocean surface is not the same everywhere and this has an impact on tropical cyclone formation. All about hurricanes resource packet hurricanes for kids. Heres a stormy science adventure that will blow your socks off. We are heading into peak hurricane season, with forecasts predicting 1217 named storms. Formation of a hurricane tropical storm activity sheet. The science behind hurricanes as hurricane sandy made its way to the eastern coast of the united states in october 2012, meteorologists called the storm unprecedented in terms of its potential for damage and fatalities. This quizworksheet combo will test your understanding of how hurricanes form. All about hurricanes fillinthe blank hurricanethemed fillintheblank.

Your students will learn about how hurricane katrina impacted new orleans in general and the impacts it le. Physical characteristics conditions of the region that lead to severe tropical storm formation. In this lesson, students will learn about hurricanes as a natural hazard. Have a plan cyclone and flood your schools emergency plan information sheet look at your schools emergency plan worksheet emergency contact numbers worksheet. You may already know that hurricanes are major tropical storms that can cause devastating waves, wind, and rain. The warm air above the water rises and cools to form clouds. T he national hurricane center defines a hurricane as a tropical cyclone, found in the. The eye of the storm is located in the center of the storm. Worksheet hurricanesthis is a 23 question worksheet about hurricanes. Storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes reading comprehension. Soon, more warm air comes in from all sides to replace the air that was rising. Hurricane names learn how and why hurricanes are named and try your hand at naming them. These questions are all earth science regents questions and some questions may require the use of the earth science reference tables.

These worksheets help students to understand where and how hurricanes are formed. Tropical storm dorian 2 tropical storm dorian 23 july 3 august 20 synoptic history dorian developed from a strong tropical wave that moved off of the west coast of africa early on 22 july. A storm quickly develops there may be rain, thunder and lightning. The ocean waters must be warm enough 80 degrees f at the surface to put enough heat and moisture into the atmosphere to provide the energy a hurricane needs. The clouds on the edge of the eye form the eyewall of the hurricane, which typically feature the hurricanes strongest. Make sure that you know about the characteristics of tropical depressions, hurricanes and the eye of the hurricane in.

Pupils study a range of hurricane case studies from the 1800s to present day. Students will be able to identify the role of oceans in the formation of weather systems. The strongest hurricane ever measured on united states soil was the labor day hurricane of 1935. Use this quizworksheet combo to measure your understanding of hurricanes. Storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes there are different types of storms which can occur anywhere in the world are thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

Natures wildest storms by erin ryan you may already know that hurricanes are major tropical storms that can cause devastating waves, wind, and rain. Figure 3 shows the typical tropical cyclone track for those storms forming in the atlantic basin, which includes the caribbean sea and gulf of mexico. While hurricanes are intense and scarry to say the least, they can not match the 300 miles per hour winds of an f5 tornado. The questions at the bottom of the worksheet are intended to point out that hurricanes happen at different times of year in the southern and northern hemispheres and also that hurricanes happen during the warm time of year. Around your pop out hurricane model, annotate the key ingredients for hurricane formation, different names for the storms, the scale and their movement in the northern and southern hemispheres. Each student will be given a worksheet, how do we watch hurricanes, which will help them take notes. Hurricanes form mostly from june through november hurricane season. Staying safe in cyclone and flood risky behaviours turn around, dont drown information sheet what could a 3 metre water level mean to your classroom worksheet module five. Hurricanes have sustained winds of at least 74 miles per hour and an area of low air pressure in the center called the eye. They happen during hurricane season, which is from june 1st until november 30th in the atlantic ocean and from may 15th until november 30th in the pacific ocean. Students in grades 512 analyze hurricane katrina to consider whether global warming is increasing hurricane frequency and intensity hurricanes as heat engines students in grades 612 examine authentic sea surface temperature data to explore how hurricanes extract heat energy from the ocean surface. In order for a hurricane to form, there must be preexisting thunderstorms. Write the i can statements on chart paper and post them for ready reference.

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