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And when you are done, welcome the early sun of the new year with open arms and full vigor. Testaments were given by inspiration of god, contain an allsufficient revelation of his will. But god tells you that while you imagine you are deceiving him, he sees through the duplicity, the meanness of your conduct. Rev 1214 satan makes war against gods righteous 62198 rev 1516 the full fury of gods wrath 7598 rev 1719 gods judgment of rome 71998 rev 20 the victory of the saints and the judgment of satan 83098 rev 2122 god shall wipe away all tears 9698 rev 2122 the final judgment and reward 9698. You have found the new message from god or perhaps it has found you. It addresses nearly every aspect of our lives, while presenting new realities never revealed before. The 25 messages from god that will change your life walsch provides readers with the information needed to live their life to the fullest by the way of god. Tlig buckingham, garden cottage, lillingstone house. As though david continues his worship service, he opens his mouth and shares a message from god, which is the major theme of this composition.

Jmnt download complete 2014 pdf edition jonathan mitchells new testament translation gods message of goodness, ease and wellbeing. Here are 54 sermons appropriate for the beginning of a new year. While you are free to begin anywhere, the society offers a study guide for students built upon the wisdom and direct input of the messenger. Marshall vian summers has been receiving the new message from god since 1983, and it now consists of over 9000 pages of revelation. The messenger has now compiled these revelations into this united text. The content of the material is regarded as a or the new message from god, which posits a time of. This is the message which we have heard from jesus, and declare unto you, that god is light, and in him there is no darkness at all 1 john 1. Only as we forgive others and forgive ourselves can we have a happy new year. A message from god will ignite the sparks of the holy spirit in your heart and bring you closer to god. Please feel free to use this material in any way that might be useful as you prepare sermons and bible studies and as you.

Send a message to god is there something you want to say to god. Our culture is characterized by worship, the presence of god. How do you begin to read, study and practice a revelation this large. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets.

The text for 29 new sermon translations in pdf format was loaded to the sermon page. God could let something badlike cancerhappen to you. Across time and a long and perhaps mysterious journey in life, you have arrived here. Janmashtami is a festival commemorating the birth of lord krishna in our mortal world. We can imagine his standing before the people and preaching about the needs of humanity and the grace of god. Here begins a new communication from the heart of god to the world of humanity. And because of this, we have a passion for people, our city, and our world. Can a man become a new creature sermon by levi wright, 2. The new message from god author of the allies of humanity.

Whether you have a prayer, a question, a request, a confession, or just want to say hello, sendtogod makes it possible for the entire world to read your message. The new message from god is the author of the allies of humanity book one 3. Even now god is calling to each of us, whoever we are, whatever our circumstance, calling us to get up off our hands and knees, to stop creeping, and rise and shine, and continue on the journey, giving god our praise, and sharing the good news with others along the way. So i want to talk to you today on the eve of a new year on the subject, a new beginning for a new year. The new message from god contains the largest body of revelation ever given to the world. The one god book only one god the new message from god. Father, i thank you for your goodness and wonderful works in your life in the year 2019. Probably not unless you happen to live in new york city. Gods word promises, if you confess with your mouth, jesus is lord, and believe in your heart that god raised him from the dead, you will be saved romans 10. Word, arranged into books, the old and new testaments, is the guidebook to the. Now, we must understand that to forgive does not mean the same thing as to forget. The one god contains 12 individual revelations, each given at different times and places during the messengers journeys in the world. Hopefully, something in this message will inspire you to share it.

After more than a millennium, god has spoken again. God committed the preparation of his divinely inspired word to finite man. Some of them speak to faith, some to making a new beginning, some to the need for trust in gods promises, some to contentment, and some to overcoming fear. We all need, as gods people, to help one another and work together in unity and love toward the goal of eternal life. Ignite your sermon prep with fresh ideas for your new years message. We can consider the entire bible to be, in effect, a message from god. Every year millions of people nationwide and even worldwide celebrate the festival. Selected messages book 1 1958 version 117 centro white. The year in the calendar changes after every 365 days, but my good wishes remain with you throughout the year. Our heavenly father has provided it for our instruction. Government of new york the official website of new york.

New birth by faith a new nature, new heart, new life, new hope, and a new task b finally a new body in a new home called heaven b. New years day 2019 subjects keep believing ministries. Jmnt download complete 2014 pdf edition jonathan mitchells. Daring and impenitent man, you who can violate gods law without a feeling of alarm or remorse, i have a message from god unto thee. Enter your mobile number or email address below and well send you a link to download the free kindle app. And he is the father you have been looking for all your life. First, he considers the pitiful inadequacy of humanity. The complete true life in god messages in a onevolume edition isbn 0954033884 are available from. You are forgiven of all your sins the bible teaches that all mankind has a sinful nature which keeps him separated from gods presence and will result in eternal death. Through the great messengers and teachings of the past, this ongoing revelation has flowed over.

Jesus said that if we forgive, god will forgive us. Allow aldo s story to touch your life he brought back a message especially for you. Marshall vian summers born january 28, 1949 is an american author and spiritual teacher. The new message from god is a series of revelations received over the past 30 years, containing over 9,000 pages of text pertaining to the state of the world at this time, within a vast universe of intelligent life that we live in. Since january 2 is the first sunday of 2011, we have put together a webpage with 40 new years day sermons.

The new message is a gift from the creator of all life to people of all nations and religions and represents the next great expression of gods will and plan for the human family. The new message from god is an original revelation and communication from god to the people of the world, both for our time and the times to come. But the old gnosticism from the first century repackaged for 21 st century readers. To jump to any chapter of a message from god, click on read it now above for a. We cannot erase our memories, but we can erase our resentment.

Thank you for all that youve allowed into our lives this past year, the good along with the hard things. Last monday december 28 was good riddance day in times square. The blessed king, who alone has immortality, dwelling in the light 1 tim 6. The one god is the second book of volume 1 of the new message from god. Millions of americans no longer claim any religious affiliation, but live from day to day without any commitment to the saving of their souls. The state of new york does not imply approval of the listed destinations, warrant the accuracy of any information set out in those destinations, or endorse any opinions expressed therein. I hope it touches your heart and inspires you as it as done for me. A voice of one calling in the wilderness, prepare the way for the lord, make straight paths for him. Here begins the next chapter in the progressive revelation of god s presence and will for humanity. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading a message from god. Consider, though, two special messages that were delivered over 2,000 years ago.

O lord, perfect all good things concerning me this year 2020. Organizers encouraged people to write their grievances down and then throw the lists into shredders symbolizing the act of letting go of painful memories, bad experiences, foolish mistakes, bad relationships, dumb choices, and longheld grudges that had been gunking up. A new beginning for a new year stan coffey ephesians 4. External web sites operate at the direction of their respective owners who should be contacted directly with questions regarding the content of these sites. The one god book introduction the new message from god. A message from god kindle edition by mcpherson, retha, mcpherson, aldo. It is not based on any existing religion, but comes anew through the messenger, marshall vian summers. Gods messages are for todays world gods loving messages. The 25 messages from god that will change your life by.

Marshall vian summers born january 28, 1949 is an american author and spiritual teacher who offers retreats, online broadcasts and events in the united states and abroad. A man got into a streetcar and noticed a little girl in the car, sitting alone. Let god be god in my life in this year 2020, in the name of jesus. I would suggest that we just look at things from a different perspective. Our sermons and sermon illustrations will help you plan and preach engaging messages to start the new year. And if the entire world is reading your messages to god on this web site, he just might take notice. He is the author of numerous books and podcasts, and is the founder of the society for the new message, a religious nonprofit organization established in 1992 which supports and makes available his books and teachings. Secrets of heaven is the first book of volume 6 of the new message from god.

I write these things to you who believe in the name of the son of god so that you may know that you have eternal life. Book 5 of the new message from god contains 14 revelations given to present the reality of your spiritual nature, the crisis of living apart from your deeper nature. The image that appears on skype is not marshall vian summers, prophet of the new message from god, but rather a younger man with gentle. Krishna here is a symbol of love and intellect and the festival brings a spirit of new beginnings and renewals, birth spiritually as well as in the external world. Pdf on jan 16, 2016, ali mansur and others published messages. More about the volumes of the new message from god. The new message from god will ultimately be contained in six individual volumes. God will be with us on our journeys down that new road ahead. We are a community of believers that are very passionate about the things of god. The society is endeavoring to make as much of the new message books and spoken revelations available and accessible to the world. There are a couple of ways to access the complete text of this powerful message. To jump to any chapter, simply click on read it now above for a popdown menu. A year of new beginnings sermon by bruce ball, romans.

The free school is a global community of people studying the new message from god and sharing it with others. The one god is a book of revelation that provides a new understanding of the nature and reality of god and god s plan and purpose in the world and in the greater community of life in the universe. The year of good riddance keep believing ministries. I will be preaching at new prospect baptist church in horton, al, july 2327, 2018. Even though we may be christians, we are weak human beings trying to do the will of god and need all the help we can get. Each volume contains two or more books and each book is organized into chapters. A message from god kindle edition by mcpherson, retha. Joy as the power to suffer in the path of love for the sake of liberation. The school offers an online environment of individual study, study partnerships, international gatherings, broadcast events and community interaction to deepen your experience of the new message and connect you with other students. The new message from god is the largest revelation ever given to the world, totaling over 9,000 pages of text given over a 38year period. A new revelation from god for our times and the times to come. Please feel free to use this material in any way that you like.

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