Tulum whale shark season 2017

Whale shark snorkeling tour departs from tulum the fascinating whale shark rhincodon typus is a slowmoving filter feeding shark and the largest known living fish species. This tour is great to do with family, friends or with your lover. The whale shark is very docile and gentle, and does not panic when approaching divers or swimmers. Gran bahia principe tulum 2017 whale shark daddy excursions duration. The manta rays that join the hundreds of whale sharks only add to the breathtaking experience, as they all circle one another as they feast upon the fish eggs and plankton in. Enjoy the experience snorkeling tour swimming with whale sharks in mexico, the biggest fish in the ocean. Each year from late may to early september whale sharks migrate from around the world to the warm, tropical waters of the mexicancaribbean sea.

Book our whale sharks tour and swim with the biggest fish in the world. There are only a few months each year when they make their visit, so make sure you see them while you can. From june through august, whale shark tours have almost 100% chance of locating. Island all inclusive tours, we move, we moved thousands of people only in 2017 and. Diving with bull sharks in tulum, mexico koox diving medium.

Alongside the whale sharks, this onceinalifetime tour enables you to swim with dolphins, manta rays and sea turtles. Swimming with whale sharks is a booming tourism industry in mexico. However, the greatest concentration of whale sharks that you can find in riviera maya is between the months of july and august. Mexico mayan tours offers private tours in the mayan riviera in mexico, an area which comprehends playa del carmen, tulum, puerto morelos, cancun, chetumal, and many others. Unlike most tours in other parts of the world, the density of whale sharks in the area nearly guarantees that youll experience an encounter.

The official whale shark season is from may 15 to september 15 of each year. Private whale shark snorkeling tour departs from tulum the fascinating whale shark rhincodon typus is a slowmoving filter feeding shark and the largest known living fish species. Researchers recorded the largest known shark at 12. As a unique, once in a life time experience, mexico offers one of the biggest concentration of whale sharks in the world. We were without a doubt the first ones to take a visitor out on this wonderful adventure, without knowing it was going to become such a big event every year. In the case of not coming the day of the excursion. Join whale shark tour cancun for the ultimate adventure swimming with whale sharks in mexico. The whale shark has a longevity of 100 years of age. Tulum in 5 days, beaches and suggested paths april 20. Mexico mayan tours swim with whale sharks cancun, playa. If you want a more luxurious experience choose this tour. Swim with these beautiful creatures as long as you want, and then relax at a beautiful beach or snorkel at a nearby reef.

This has been a bucket list item for a while, and there arent too many places in the world where you can to do this. Bull shark diving is the extreme scuba diving experience for certified. Did you know whale sharks have a throat the size of a quarter. Paradoxically enough, the largest fish feeds on the smallest microorganisms, like pl.

Whale shark is a slowmoving filter feeding shark and the largest extant fish species, this fish is ovoviviparous born from an egg and gestated in the womb of the mother, being born alive, the shark can filter 60,000 liters of water per minute, is an eating machine and nothing phytoplankton at a speed of 35 km h, can dive to 700m. Best time to visit tulum updated for 2020 santorini dave. This is an activity that is controlled and regulated by federal environmental authorities. Whale sharks are among the largest fish species on the planet.

Whale shark season kicks off again in may 2020 until september 2020. Now you may see other dates advertised, but these are dates set by tour companies. You can snorkel and swim with them any day, except for days with bad weather. Whale sharks your riviera maya and tulum travelling guide. When is whale shark season in cancun many tour operator will say that you can book a whale shark tour starting 15th of may 2016, but the truth is that none of the tour operators from cancun, isla mujeres, and holbox cant confirm that the mexican government will release the permissions that exact day. This animal is completely harmless since it feeds on plankton and it does not represent a danger for our travelers. Whale shark season in mexico brings the chance to enjoy a bucketlistworthy experience. Learn more the whale shark is the largest fish that exists in the world today, it can grow up to 15 meters in length. The official opening date for the whale shark tour season as set beginning may 5, 2017 and the closing date of the season is september 17, 2017. Whale shark tour cancun first started operating a snorkel tour that lets you swim with whale sharks in holbox island in 2001.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time i comment. Welcome to the whale shark experience, this is a unique activity in the world and is the most enigmatic activity in mexico. The cancun swim with whale sharks are very weather dependent, and while the port is generally open for most of the whale shark season in cancun it is good if you. During peak season its usual to see 3050 whale sharks at a. The season begins june 1st and continues till around september 14th so the time is now to jump in the warm caribbean sea and snorkel with. Cenote diving playa del carmen riviera maya destination wedding photography cancun mexico custom private excursions in. Swim with the whale sharks in quintana roo inmobiliaria. The average weight is arround 15 tons the name whale shark comes from its size, being as large as some species of whales. We offer private tours to akumal, chichenitza, coba, cenotes, and much more. Whale shark facts the whale shark is the largest fish on the planet, reaching lengths of arround 18 to 40 feet 5.

The whale sharks are about one hour by boat 15 miles from cancun, ones we find them we will swim with them as much as you can. The whale shark season in mexico officially runs from the 15th of may until the 15th of september and runs every day except in bad weather and the 30th of every month to give the animals a break and in celebration of international whale shark day on the 30th aug. Can anyone recommend a good company that does the trips to snorkel with whale sharks. Tours available from cozumel, cancun, playa del carmen and tulum. Whale shark season in mexico officially runs during summer time, from. Whale shark tour playa del carmen, whale shark encounter in cancun, private tours cancun, custom tours playa del carmen, sailfish encounter and ecotourism in mexico. About mexico whale shark we first started operating the snorkeling tour swimming with the whale sharks in holbox island in 2001. The sharks gather in large swaths between the months of may and september, which is the best time to see them. Its whale shark season again in the riviera maya and whether you are living in tulum, puerto aventuras or playa del carmen whale shark tours are just getting started. Cancun, isla mujeres, playa del carmen, riviera maya and tulum. In addition, since 2000, august the 30th was established as the international whale shark day, in order to promote knowledge and conservation of this species. Learn this and other amazing facts to prepare you for swimming with whale. If you enjoyed our story on swimming with whale sharks in cancun, you might also like.

It is important for travelers to be educated and focus on traveling responsibly before heading out on their whale shark excursions. Headed to cancun from sept 24 30 is this to late for whalesharks. It is important to note that swimming with whale sharks from tulum, or actually with all of the whale shark tours in mexico, is not like diving the cenotes or visiting mayan ruins. The whale sharks will soon be back on their seasonal migration again. Snorkeling is encouraged, especially if its whale shark seasonmidjune to mid. The official whale shark season dates are set by mrmp biosphere reserve management program and this year the dates of whale shark season are 15th of may untill 17th of september 2019.

During the season, expect to see at least 2030 boats in the area. The whale shark is the largest fish in our oceans and one of the most sought after by divers, who are attracted not only to their size but also their docile and curious nature. Other tour operators may accept tours outside these dates, but only take tours inside official tour dates and when we are confident in our ability to provide a memoriable tour without distressing. In august 2017, we took a trip to riviera maya, on the east coast of mexico. The name refers specifically to their size, as actual whales breathe air, these sharks have gills. Jul 11, 2019 the best of our swimming with whale shark tours from cancun and playa del carmen. Cancun whale shark season 2017 swim with whale sharks. The dates we take reservations for the whale shark tour season as set beginning june1, 2020 and the closing date of the season is september15, 2020. Whale shark season in mexico off the coast of the yucatan peninsula is in full swing. Swimming with whale sharks is a once in a lifetime experience. Each summer from june to midseptember, the swim with whale sharks tour should not be missed if you love the ocean, and snorkeling.

The largest confirmed individual had a length of 41. When the summer season arrives, whale sharks congregate by the hundreds, forming one of the largest whale shark groups on the planet. There are a lot of references to that start of the whale shark occupation in june, but then some tour companies state from midmay. Whale sharksare huge, harmless and gentle creatures that grow to be around 50 feet long and weigh around 15 tons.

Sign up for our newsletter to receive news and offers for the upcoming whale shark season snorkel with whale sharks on a 34 day group snorkeling tour of the yucatan coast, from cancun or isla mujeres under the direction of. They eat plankton and small fish, swim slowly through the water and are not a threat to humans. But in reality there are not related to whales, they belong to the shark. This makes it the perfect time to swim with these incredible fish in their natural environments. Depending on the season, they may gather near tulum, or further out in isla mujeres or isla contoy, but tour services abound. Every year on the 15th of may, the whale shark season in mexico officially kicks off in the. Its also very possible to take a whale shark tour if youre based in tulum, playa del. So many travelers miss the point when they have opportunities to interact with wildlife and they make simple and honest mistakes that harm. Flamingos, whale sharks, and the magic of mexicos isla holbox. Our range of whale shark trips take you to the worlds finest locations for diving or snorkelling with whale sharks. Tulum ruins, reef snorkeling plus cenote and caves. At the top of our wish list was to swim with whale sharks. Daily cancun swim with whale sharks guided tour total snorkel cancun.

Whale sharks are the largest type of fish currently existing on earth. Whale sharks in the riviera maya tourism in the yucatan area. Whale shark season in mexico officially runs during summer time, from the 15th of may until the 17th of september, when they migrate to this area to feed before heading south toward the warmer waters of central and south america until the following year. Across the way, on the west, the whale shark season off the baja peninsula runs slightly later from october to february. Take our tours from june to september to swim with these magnificent animals around the tip of the yucatan peninsula, about 75 miles 120 km from cozumel. Imagine swimming next to an immense animal like the whale shark.

With the presentation of a medical certificate that proves unavailability 100% refund. Leave early in the morning to arrive first at the whale shark area. The whale sharks are commonly located off the coast of isla holbox and isla contoy. Swimming with whale sharks in cancun divergent travelers. Across in the west, the whale shark season off the baja peninsula runs slightly later from october to february. We now offer whale shark tours in cancun, playa del carmen, isla mujeres, cozumel, tulum, and riviera maya as well. Daily cancun swim with whale sharks guided tour youtube. Whale shark tour cancun swim with whale sharks in mexico.

There seems to be some discrepancy for when the whale sharks are actually there. This is the deluxe tour option hosted by the top rated whale shark tour company in the riviera maya. Whale shark tours playa del carmen everything you need. The season of the whale sharks in the yucatan peninsula begins from midmay and ends close to the mid of september.

Whale sharks tours on isla mujeres mexico frequently. An amazing whale shark season in mexico is upon us. Imagine what its like to swim side by side with a fish 10 times as big as you its thrilling and totally safe. Deluxe whale shark tour from tulum wonderous world. My partner and i are thinking of doing a whale shark tour from tulum. Whale sharks look for warm waters where the caribbean sea meets the gulf of mexico. Guide to swimming with whale sharks in mexico indiana jo. When is the best time to go to tulum for good weather, surfing, sunbathing, things to. Published on aug 2, 2017 this is a little something i made to remember our amazing adventures in the peninsula of yucatan, mexico.

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